As of Monday 19th July foot passengers & cyclists will no longer be instructed to wear face coverings whilst using the Higher Ferry.

Foot passenger/cyclists would be advised to consider the use of face masks in the covered foot passenger accommodation area during busy times. (we will adhere to any future government advice on the use of face masks on public transport should it again become mandatory)

Customers are not permitted to exit vehicles whilst they are on board the Higher Ferry (this rule does not apply to staff of emergency service vehicles)

The Higher Ferry no longer accepts cash or cheques as payment, credit & debit cards are excepted with contactless payments being the preferred option.

Frequent user concession & fleet cards can be managed online via the ferry’s website.

10 journey concession card transactions/top-ups can be purchased on board for passenger vehicles up to 8 persons (cars) and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons (vans). The 20 and 40 top-up options for these vehicle category’s can only be topped up online via the ferry website.

Thank you


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