Single & Return fares price increase 1st August 2023

On Tuesday the 1st August the following will apply to Single & Return fares (if applicable)

Vehicle TypeSingle *Same Day ReturnNotes
Foot Passenger
(Inc cyclists)
Motor Cycles
(Inc sidecars)
Car£8.20£14.00Passenger vehicles constructed or
adapted to carry up to 8 passengers
including driver
Light Goods
£8.20£14.00Goods Vehicles NOT exceeding
3,500KG Maximum Authorised Mass
Mini Bus£10.50NAPassenger Vehicle constructed or
adapted to carry between 9 and
20 passengers including driver
Goods Vehicle£11.00NAGoods Vehicles exceeding 3,500KG
but not exceeding 7,500KG Maximum
Authorised Mass
Coach£35.00NAPassenger Vehicles constructed or
adapted to carry 21 or more passengers
(including driver) but not exceeding
18,000KG MAM or having more than 2 axles
Tri-axle coaches are not permitted on the Higher Ferry.
(Over 7.5t)
£30.00NAGoods Vehicles exceeding 7,500KG but
not exceeding 18,000KG MAM
TrailerNANATrailers, caravans and other vehicles
not specified above will be charged at
the rate applicable for that of a
passenger vehi
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