Service running to normal timetable

Dartmouth – Kingswear

Part of the A379 between Plymouth and Torbay
Saves 25 miles or 50 minutes on a round trip
Shuttle Service – 3 Minute Crossing
7 Days a week – All year round

  • The Higher Ferry is now contactless and does not accept cash or cheques as payment
  • Single fares are available for all categories of Vehicle on board
  • Day returns and 10-trip concession cards for passenger vehicles up to 8 persons (cars) and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons are also available on board
  • Concession cards can be collected on-Board and topped up online.
  • 20-trip and 40-trip concession top-ups are only available online.

Ticket Prices

2 Ways to pay
1: Onboard
2: Frequent User Concession

Ferry Timetable

7 days a week
365 days a year
Mon – Sat: 6:30 am – 22:50 pm
Sun: 8:00 am – 22:50 pm

Area Map

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FERRY MAINTENACE: the ferry will temporarily close for approximately 1 hour at 11:00am today. This is for vital maintenance to one of the ferry’s Fairleads. @INRIXtraffic_PT @BBCTravelSW @DevonLiveNews @DartMarina

20 years ago today nearly 3,000 people, including 67 UK nationals lost their lives in the appalling 9/11 attack which shook America & the free world. We will never forget those who died. We pay tribute to emergency workers & all those that responded to this cowardly atrocity.

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